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The Wheels Come Off

Confession time: I was never a natural at activities involving large muscle skills. I didn’t learn to ride a two-wheeler until I was ten. For years my cycling was a work in progress. Lots of scraped knees and white-knuckled wobbling, then short coasts, and finally that exhilarating moment when the bike takes off and you feel like you are flying.

This blog has also been a long time coming. I agonized over whether I could find anything fresh or meaningful to add to the glut of words and images already out there. Whether I could strike the right balance, be honest and vulnerable without coming across as whiney or self-serving.

In short, I’ve been dragging my feet.

This is where I put my foot to the pedal and push hard. Expect verbal and visual updates on current endeavors. Reflections on the creative life. And for those of you who have asked how I do things occasional appearances of my alter-ego, the Photoshop Illustration Geek.

So here’s to celebrating all the false starts, spills, and moments of pure terror that make up an artist’s journey. And the times when imagination soars.

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